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SVDP has been Busy!

During the pandemic SVDP has been working hard to continue to support those less fortunate than ourselves . We continue to receive calls from members of our community who need food, or financial assistance. We are meeting our clients in their homes to best assess… (read more)

Learn about our mission, our background, our services, how to get involved, and how you can help those in need in our community!

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Woburn strives to help those in need in the community and Parishes of Woburn. It provides those in need with short-term assistance and life-improvement possibilities. For the past 30 years, the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Woburn has assisted the poor, troubled, and less fortunate families and individuals within the city. Originally, the Society helped with residents struggling with rent and utility costs, but with contributions from people like you and our generous sponsors we have been able to add a pantry supplying food to those in need.  St. Vincent de Paul Society of Woburn has volunteers fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, who help the Society when reaching out to non-English speaking residents in need.


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The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Woburn takes a personal approach to our mission to assist those in need and less fortunate. We meet with clients in their homes, discuss their needs and determine how we can stabilize and improve their situation together. We  help more than 1,500 people annually, assistance is more than paying a bill or providing groceries; we help relieve stress by meeting, talking and working towards the goal of economic stability.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was started in Paris, France in 1833 by a young man by the name of Frédéric Ozanam. He and six peers formed the “Conference of Charity”, which used the men’s own contributions, as well as those of others to give aid to those in need. They then chose St. Vincent de Paul to be their patron saint, as St. Vincent had dedicated his life to helping the poor in the 16th century. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul then moved to the United States, in St. Louis, Missouri, which is still to this day the national headquarters of the Society. At it’s present, St. Vincent de Paul has almost 100,000 volunteers in the United States alone, and helped more than 23 million people in 2015.